About Us

A little about my background

I was a very busy successful business woman who ran marathons in my spare time. All of that changed when I had a car accident that left me disabled from my job and the running, due to being in constant pain. I also suffered a brain injury which affected my cognitive abilities. In the journey that followed I discovered homeopathy and Bowen therapy. These helped me to regain my life after doctors had said there was no hope of recovery. Eventually I was able to run the Centenary London Marathon. I naturally wanted to help others using the powerful healing tools that I myself had benefited from. Now I run the West Berkshire Centre for Homeopathic Medicine and Bowen Therapy, treating people from all walks of life, including 'infirm' individuals, and children with cerebral palsy, dyspraxia, Aspergers and autism. I have completed the research portion of an MSc into damaged brains and neural networks and I am currently researching improvements in neuromuscular function of dyspraxic children.

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